What We Do…

Utilising the music city concept, the Brighton Music Office was established to conduct research into how Brighton’s music industry works and to build a music strategy for the city.

We have a preliminary focus on mapping Brighton’s music industry in its entirety and creating a database of all operating businesses within the city’s music industry, whilst conducting interviews with prominent, local figures to construct a coherent impression of Brighton’s musical ecosystem and quantify its overall contribution to Brighton’s economy.

The collected data will be used to calculate the most imperative needs of the local music industry and then provide a selection of appropriate resources and events, to allow local professionals and musicians alike to network, grow & thrive and make greater contributions toward the burgeoning prosperity of Brighton’s musical economy.

Goals and Objectives:

Improve communication between the various music industry sectors, as well as local authorities, to build a more connected music industry.

  • Record the music industry’s economic contribution to the city.
  • Have a central point of contact for all music industry professionals.
  • Encourage and boost the growth of Brighton’s music economy.
  • Brand Brighton as a prominent music city.

We aim to provide equal, impartial support to the entirety of Brighton’s music industry, across all sectors, genres and levels of economic status.